ST 06

Challenger II with the specially made Radio Control

Continued Vac II Fitting Out


I decided to take a leaf out of the Americans' books and put the radio receiver and batteries as far as possible up the front as this would be out of the water as long as possible, if we had the misfortune of sinking. We used a plastic box with a lid that was a good tight fit and we used rubber bellows for the linkages and wiring.
As with Challenger I, we designed a transmitter with two sticks plus the rudder and auxiliary function. The two sticks were for each engine, so they could be run up individually, then prior to putting the model into the water, they can be switched over onto one stick, thus making them easier to control. We thought as this was an very inportant venture we would have the transmitter Challenger II made for us. This proved very difficult because no English makers were interested in us, so we once again turned to the USA. We found that in America, Ace R/C Inc, would make anything that we requested, but we were advised to use World Electronics in Great Britain as they used the same components under licence from Ace R/C Inc.
We had missed these people, so I rang them and they agreed to make it, if we sent them a diagram of the proposed transmitter design. We did this, asking them if they would add an extra stick for a third engine, plus an auxiliary lever and a three position switch, in all six functions. This was done and we had them make a fail safe control up for us aswell. Employing the 40MHz band, it was called the Nautical Commander.
As you see from the photo at top of the page it was a special transmitter and it cost us about £160.00 then. Not bad considering how long ago it was.
The battery packs we used were 2 x 9.6 volt x 4 amp hour, 2 x 4.8 volt x 4 amp hour, 1 x 12 volt x 4 amp hour nicads & 1 x 12 volt x 85 amp heavy duty car battery. All were made by Varta and were sponsored by Battery Specialists (Norwich) owned by Multicell

Painting and lettering

Peter painted the model, applying the base and top coats of white and adding the Virgin logo. I decided to get a local firm called Matt Graphics to design and make up a set of transfers for the model. These were made and we applied them. Wow! Didn`t they look SUPER, they really brought the model alive.

Trials & Enjoying the model

USE 02

The first time on Eaton Model Boating pond for trials