Build 01

Challenger II hull and cabin bare


The outside and middle mounts of the engine I designed myself and were made of aluminium. The outer brackets were 50mm x 20mm x 3mm in a shape of an L and the middle mounting was 50mm x 50mm x 3mm in a shape of a T. These you will see I used in other models as well. I used a hacksaw with a 12" x 24 teeth high speed blade to cut the aluminium.

 It is best not to use a fine blade as you could be there next year still trying to cut it.
For the engine mounts I used some steel angle of 20mm x 20mm x 3mm as I thought at the time these would be stronger. I also installed a twin clamping system at the top of the T bar as this would hopefully keep the engine mounts from coming loose and popping out. I used P40 fibre glass paste to glue them to the hull with a wooden block under the T bar at the rear. To hold the main rear tank into place I installed a 5mm stainless steel pan headed bolt through the rear of the T bar as the hooks of the strap would hold onto it.