Taking the waves

Graham & Dave with the gazeboo


The Gazeboo & The Pike


When Ken came and moored up he said, "Where do you want our very large gazebo?" (as this was to be HQ.) I decided it should be placed near the statue of the large pike as the scrutineers could see the large mooring pole on the quay where the model would turn and be timed.
After a while we all started to erect the gazebo and it's always is a bit difficult to do. This time it was not too windy and it took at least an hour to complete after which we went away for a well deserved drink. Peter, Richard and I started to remove all the equipment and supplies that were on my cruiser to the gazebo.
Mary and Hazel had just arrived with the charger panel and the rest of the batteries. Also they brought down the other workmate for the charge centre that was to go into the gazebo. I sorted out the electric supply that was to come from a standing cruiser supply post that had two 16 amp outlets with a card payment slot for each. It is wise to check before putting in any money cards as sometimes there has been plenty of electricity not used up. Why pay more if it is not needed I say. On this occasion I made sure that we did not run out during the next 42 hours as I put all the main batteries onto a float charge ready for the off on 21st June 2013 sharp so I thought!!


The Main Sponsor Board


Preparing to take the model off & all the other items that came with us


Removing HMS Norfolk from my cruiser Blithe

The next thing to do was to remove my model from the starboard side roof of my cruiser Blithe and install it on the other workmate in the gazebo near the batteries. This seemed to be more difficult this time as the guys were not used to picking up the model from a moored cruiser as you will see from the photo of the builders bums on show.
It must have stretched and pulled a few backs doing this as it had to be done in one motion!! There were a few words said like blooming heck or something like as it was heavy and awkward at the best of times.

The Strained backs


Checking out HMS Norfolk

Next item to do was to check over my model for any loose conections in the wiring, grease the bearings, check the short 40meg aerials and check the running gear and props. It seemed to be all correct. That was a relief!!
Next thing was to check out the short quay heading that we were to use for changing the batteries and this seemed ok. At certain times we were to use the main quay where the fuel and pump-out facilities were installed, whereas when the tide was up it was easier to take out Norfolk and then replace the heavy batteries.

Making ready my Freeman 22 Cruiser, Blithe, the chase boat

My cruiser had to have yellow with black lettering saying Beware Event in Progress at the bow on the port and starboard sides also on the rear of my canopy and these were made for us by Brian Ward Ltd in Brundall, Norfolk. By the request of the Broads Authority we had to have an Orange Flashing light and hopefully the other cruisers and craft would see us!!
The only other items we had displayed were the SUPER 8 feet long posters that were made for us by Builders Equipment Ltd in Norwich, Norfolk.
I had made sure that we had on board the following items; various biscuits, coffee, tea, various soft drinks and my lovely wife Mary had also made lots of cheese and tomato and ham sandwiches for the long 24 hours to come.
I insisted that all my crew should wear life jackets at all times including by the quay as well and all should have adequate clothing.
I checked that I had plenty of fuel with 9 gallons in reserve and this was sponsored from the Mermaid Yard in Brundall.

My Cruiser Blithe with the Beware Event in Progress & The Challenge Banners