USE 15

A Lull in the rain and all the Officers and ratings looking very smart

The Officers and ratings getting very wet standing to attention


Look at the all those different Meats on offer. The display looks super

This table has Fantastic Fish on it and also looks Super


Keel & Bottom plinth

Build 2

Looking Forward from the Middle Section

This picture shows you the main piece of wood holding the keel and you can see the plans attached to my walls. You can also see the purpose built bench. Also you can see most of the bulkheads that now are glued into position.

Build 01

Looking Forward from the Stern

This photo shows the high quality the stern bulkead made out marine of 6 ply. Also the wacking great hardwood keel that was made for us. You also can see the main piece of wood holding the bulkheads in place as this a must at all times, this stops them from twisting.

Build 3

Looking Forward

You can see how the bow looked and how difficult it was. The main part of the bow was made of a single piece of Mahogany.

The Hull

We lost a little bit of time here, because we both were doing other things, but between September and October 1996 we continued working on the hull, putting in dozens of skin strengtheners as these would give the skins greater stability and strength. These were very fiddly and utterly boring to do but most essential and after about 11 hours we finally finished the job. Then we began to sand and shape the stringers. Always make sure when sanding to wear a good facemask as most fine dust is NOT good for your HEALTH!