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HMS Norfolk Motors etc

Build 16
Build 15

The photo on the left shows the Prestwich rubber couplings we used. Also the boutantcy foam over the shafts.

The New Parvalux Electric Motors

Build 20

The type of motors I bought were PM10c 24 volt DC 4000 rpm. These realy looked the buisness as they were robust and heavy with sealed ball bearings front and back. I had to have filters for each motor and these cost an arm and a leg to buy.
These motors have 5/16" shafts and this presented me with a problem, I had found that the rubber type couplings did work as well with these motors, so I looked online for a firm that may have industrial connectors. I found RC spares a huge company with many thousands of items. Scrolling through the pages for connectors, I found these superb plastic connectors with 3/8" shaft holes, so I bought 5/16"" aluminium inserts.

Electric Motor Mounts

I decided that these electric motors would have to supported in a strong way.
So I designed this aluminium bracket to attach the electric motors too.
Originally I installed smaller rubber mounts but found that the motors used to ground out on the bottom of the hull, so I searched around and came up theses heavy duty rubber mounts and these seem to have done the trick.
As you can see I have enlarged the bolt holes so that it made easier to get the correct angle of the motors to the shafts.

Build 22